As a person who understands when a room looks nice, but is at a loss as to how to get there, Angus was the perfect bridge for the gap in my knowledge. I was thrilled when Angus was able to rearrange the majority of my items in a new and refreshing way, and happy to receive support in the selection of new pieces that added the colour and coordination my studio was missing. I felt like Angus's understanding of my style and personality was a key factor that set this process apart, as he incorporated central pieces of my lifestyle, like my skis, into the decor, instead of imposing his personal preferences as most decorators do. Overall, the process was enjoyable and exciting, and I would highly recommend Angus to anyone who feels like their space needs a facelift, large or small!!

Tara, Vancouver

I am so very happy that I worked alongside Angus from Redecorating Vancouver! He was professional, prepared, courteous and was very happy to combine both of our ideas to help me create a beautiful space for the main floor in my home. I have to admit as furniture was being rearranged, I literally looked slightly uncomfortable, but once the space was complete, I couldn't have been happier. I had very little to work with, but he was able to use a professional eye to make a beautiful conversation area that looks warm and inviting. He provided me with measurements and both written and digital forms of the ideas we came up with to create a cohesive space. I am now prepared to look for items that will fit the space that I have. I truly look forward to working with him again on future projects! Thank you so much, Angus! You were wonderfull!
Elizabeth, Calgary
Angus is a perfect gentleman! He came into our space and didn't once make us feel self-conscious or worried about what we had to work with- instead he kindly and professionally helped us to reveal the potential already existent in our home and later offered thoughtful, within-budget suggestions for options we could pursue to further enhance the space. Over the course of an afternoon our main floor was transformed, and it was amazing to see how Angus' well trained eye could initiate changes of arrangement in art, furniture and objects that translated to a lot more harmony and coherence in the space. Thank you very much Angus, it was marvellous to have a house remodel that was so fun, easy and cost effective!
Amdine, Vancouver
We had such a wonderful time with Angus! He was great about working with what we had and really looked at our individual style, rather than trying to impose his own. Not only did he re-do the room, but he also gave us suggestions for pieces we might want to acquire in the future. Overall, he was open, creative, and a lot of fun to work with. He is definitely our first choice next time we need help upgrading a room.

Robyn, Vancouver

Redecorating Vancouver did a tremendous job of "redecorating with what you have" in my condo! Angus was professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Even though I could not imagine what could be done to my home to improve it. Angus, with his knowledge and eye for detail, came up with some very creative and interesting ideas. I would say that the end result surpassed my expectations. I was amazed how much more open and spacious it felt once he was finished. The reaction from friends was fun to see, as they all were very impressed. In summary I would say that based on my experience I would highly recommend Redecorating Vancouver. It is fabulous to have the feel of a newly designed and decorated home without having to purchase any new pieces.

Cathy,  Calgary

Put simply - Angus was excellent at helping 2 roomates articulate a vision for their shared space and put us into action. 

Angus offered practical suggestions to improve our space, withough even having to spend money. He asked great questions to get us thinking about how we live and how we could best setup our living room to fit our needs and wants. We then went shopping with Angus and he helped us "pull the trigger" and buy some items essential to the upgrade to be able to visualize what we disuccsed. Lastely - he set us up with an action plan to get the space exactly how we love it. 

We now have an apartment we love and can't even imagine living how we used to live. 

Thanks Angus!!

Conor, Vancouver