Who are we?

Redecorating Vancouver has its roots in New York City. After mentoring under best selling author and home redecorating guru Lauri Ward, Angus brought his passion for interior design to the west coast and opened Redecorating Vancouver.

This established technique of Use-What-You-Have™ redecorating proves that with careful thought and rearrangement any space can become more welcoming, comfortable and beautiful.

This technique cuts out the hassle of traditional interior design. After a consultation, clients can expect to have the tools to avoid costly mistakes and feel better in their own space amongst their own things. Our service helps clients avoid the time commitments and costs of a complete reconstruction of a space.

We recognize that you've taken care and spent time to collect your possessions. Let's not throw out everything and start again, rather let's use professional techniques and a practised eye to make your space and your things work for you. 

Angus Shaw trained under Lauri Ward, best-selling author and founder of Use-What-You-Have Interiors™ and obtained a Certificate in Interior Redecorating in New York. 

Interior Redecorating does not follow one style and it has enabled Angus to help many owners feel more comfortable in their spaces with their own things. These places have been as diverse as an Upper East Side Classic Six apartment to a Modern-Cowboy Ranch House in rural Alberta. Antique metal finishes and high contrast modern are Angus' personal tastes, but he has a practised technique for allowing a client's' style to take centre stage in a room. 

Founding Redecorating Vancouver is a dream come true for Angus. Coming from a family of oil painters, he's had a life full of art and has brought interior design with him wherever he's travelled. Angus has developed his design sense while living in many places around the world, from the inspiring Poor-but-Sexy Berlin district of Neukölln to the minimalist capital of Sweden's most northernly region, Umeå. We spend so much time with our well-worn possessions that our impartial perspective can be lost. Angus brings a fresh perspective and practised expertise to the table for his clients and helps to correct mistakes, add flow and make sure the client is proud of their home.

Portraits by  Tracy Tsui

Portraits by Tracy Tsui

Interior Redecorating is much more in tune with what the vast majority of us want. We want efficient and affordable projects not complete tear-downs that require blank cheques. It should be fun and engaging and you should get immediate results. And most importantly, it honours the fact that we’ve spent a lifetime collecting our possessions. I love my things, just like I know you do too. I take so much joy from helping people get more out of what they have and see them sit down afterwards and go ‘Wow. This place just feels so much better!’
— Angus Shaw, CIR